Top 5 Things to Do in Summerland

With a name like this, it would be hard to imagine a place without beauty, activity, and fun. From pristine beaches and parks to charming shops, wineries, and family-friendly activities, Summerland has something for everyone. We’ve outlined the top 5 things to do in Summerland, whether you do one or all, you’re sure to enjoy your time here!

Test of Humanity Hiking & Mountain Biking

We know… the name makes it sound more intense than it actually is. This 10km loop winds through the picturesque Cartwright Mountain. Named after an annual fundraiser supporting humanitarian aid and food banks, this popular trail offers adventure for both hikers and mountain bikers. 

The trail boasts a fun, flowy, and scenic path, making it an ideal way to spend a beautiful day. Rated as moderately challenging, the trail is not too steep or technical in any sections, however, due to the length of the loop, we recommend being prepared with snacks, water, and proper footwear. Enjoy the trail’s best conditions during spring and fall, savouring the stunning views of open sagebrush, blooming bushes, and pine trees.

Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park

Known as being one of the most beautiful beaches in the Okanagan Valley, Sun-Oka is a must-visit during our time in Summerland. With a spacious sandy shoreline and crystal-clear waters, this is the perfect for swimming, boating, fishing, and beach fun on a hot summer day.

You’ll find all the essential amenities for a great day in the sun, including washrooms, picnic tables, fire pits, and plenty of shade from tall trees. Kids can have a blast at the beachside playground, and there’s an option for rentals like SUPs, kayaks, pedal boats, and pedal bikes from Okanagan Beach Rentals on-site. If you want to explore beyond the beach, Sun-Oka offers walking trails through a unique old-growth forest along Trout Creek, offering a nice break from the sun.

The Kettle Valley Steam Railway

Embark on a nostalgic journey through Okanagan’s scenic beauty with the Kettle Valley Steam Railway. This kid-friendly experience takes you back to the heyday of rail travel, offering a relaxing and immersive adventure. 

Climb aboard the restored heritage steam locomotives and vintage passenger cars to meander through picturesque vineyards and lakeside landscapes. The rhythmic chug of the steam engine sets a tranquil pace, making it an enjoyable outing for everyone, whether you’re a history buff or simply want to take the kids on an exciting adventure. This is our top family-friendly recommendation in Summerland!

Summerland Sweets

Visiting Summerland Sweets is not just a snack stop; it’s a delightful experience that engages all your senses. As you step into the store, the sweet aroma of freshly made preserves and candies fills the air, instantly tempting your taste buds. Experience a taste of the Okanagan through a diverse range of fruit-based products, from pancake syrups to gourmet jams. Beyond the homemade sweet treats, check out some local artwork, pottery, and neat housewares, adding extra charm to your visit. Summerland Sweets is all about savouring sweet moments, so come experience it with the whole family!

Summerland Heritage Cider Co.

A place where passion meets excellence in every bottle. Founded by three orchardist friends who turned leftover apples into delicious cider, this cidery has evolved into one of the Okanagan’s finest. Summerland Heritage Cider craft their cider from European cider apple varieties grown in their own orchards, resulting in a rich, complex, and truly delightful taste. 

A visit here is highly recommended. Enjoy a cider flight on their open patio with valley views, take a leisurely stroll through the orchards leading to the picturesque banks of Trout Creek, and taste the wonderful flavours of the region. Be sure to meet Reggie the cider dog, he’s always happy to say hello!