About the Winery

The Hatch is a renowned winery nestled along the stunning Westside Wine trail in West Kelowna. Founded in 2011, this unique winery gained significant popularity thanks to its creative approach to the wine industry. A visit to The Hatch is unlike any other winery – Within its rustic shack, the winery wholeheartedly embraces the idiosyncrasies of grape cultivation, winemaking, and living, all through its unconventional yet remarkable pursuits.

The team here embraces a playful and artistic approach that is reflected in their distinctive labels and the vintage feel of the tasting room  This is one of our favourite wineries in West Kelowna – the atmosphere, laid-back vibe, friendly staff, and of course, delicious wine makes it a must-visit next time you’re in the area!


The wines crafted at The Hatch are a captivating collaboration of liquid art, a testament to the distinctive growers and the singular character of their vineyards. The winery is home to renowned labels like the Ross. O and B. Yanco, each reflecting the creativity and passion that defines The Hatch’s unique approach to winemaking.


A tasting at The Hatch is a unique experience that can’t be rivalled anywhere else. Being at the forefront of introducing creativity and originality to winemaking, the brand’s outside-the-box approach makes it a fun, relaxing, and easygoing experience. The rustic tasting room sets a laid-back atmosphere and the staff adds to the enjoyment with their humour and witty banter. As you sip on the wines, they share entertaining stories and insights that deepen your appreciation for the vino you’re tipping back. 


At The Hatch, you can expect a calendar filled with exciting events. Being under the umbrella of Jason Parks Customs, they bring a diverse range of experiences to their visitors. From live music sessions to art exhibitions and more, there’s always something happening here. These events create a lively and welcoming atmosphere where people can gather, have a great time, and enjoy excellent wine along the way. It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and good vibes that make every event here a memorable experience.

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