9 Best Sushi Restaurants in Kelowna

We’ve scoured Kelowna’s rich culinary scene to explore the best sushi restaurants around. From delicate maki rolls to top-notch sashimi, there’s no shortage of delicious Japanese fare in this city. Check it out below!

1. O-Zeki Japanese Restaurant

Ozeki is the oldest standing Japanese restaurant in Kelowna. This title speaks for itself – the service, sushi quality, and overall experience are just a few of the many reasons Ozeki has had such long-term success. This cozy restaurant prides itself on serving customers a quick and healthy option. Whether you dine in or opt for takeout, you’ll notice the high-quality ingredients and care that go into each bite.

The wide variety of authentic Japanese dishes means cravings of all kinds can be satisfied. Our personal favourite is the Party Tray B – a delicious combination of Maki, Yam, Eel, and Spider rolls!

2. Momo Sushi Downtown Kelowna

Arguably the most popular sushi location in Kelowna is Momo Sushi. This family-friendly sushi bar offers some of the tastiest Japanese cuisine in the area. Momo’s menu features standard Nigiri sushi offerings like Wild Sockeye, Toro (Fatty Tuna), and Unagi. They also offer the North American classic sushi maki rolls like Dynamite Roll, Avocado & Salmon Roll, and the Negitoro Roll. Momo serves generous portions that will leave you satisfied.

Besides their sushi, Momo also has signature dishes like the Chirashi Donburi, Beef Short Rib, and the popular Chicken Teriyaki. You’ll also find vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options here, so everyone can enjoy!

3. Kaede Sushi

Another spot making a name for itself among sushi lovers is Kaede Sushi. Located on Harvey Avenue, this restaurant is known for its use of fresh and high-quality ingredients. The must-try items on the menu include the Spicy Salmon Roll, the Spider Roll, and the Hamachi. Kaede also offers a variety of sashimi, tempura, and Japanese tapas that pair perfectly with their delicious sake and cocktails. Crowd favourites include the Crunchy Goat Cheese, Yuji’s Summer Noodles, and Fried Cheese Gyoza.

4. Mizu Japanese Restaurant

Mizu is a local hotspot for affordable and authentic Japanese cuisine, offering an impressive sushi menu with all the classics. Enjoy their popular California Roll and Smoked Salmon Asparagus Roll, or for more variety try the Sushi Boxes and Maki Sushi Trays. Along with their sushi offering, their tempura dishes are not to be missed – perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. And if you’re a sashimi fan, Mizu’s offerings are sure to impress. From tuna to salmon, their sashimi dishes are fresh, flavourful, and receive high praise!

5. Bluetail Sushi

Bluetail Sushi is the place to be if you’re looking for a fancier Japanese experience. This popular bistro has an extensive menu of delicious nigiri and maki. You’ll find the usual Albacore Tuna sushi, Big Eye Tuna Nigiri, Black California Roll, and Chop Scallop Roll, as well as a variety of other traditional Japanese fares. Bluetail’s menu has something for everyone with both vegan and gluten-free options available. High-quality sushi in a sleek, modern dining room, what could be better?

6. Ume Foods

Since opening over ten years ago, Ume has become a popular Japanese restaurant for both locals and tourists alike. With an extensive menu of both traditional and modern options, their sushi is made using only the freshest seafood and ingredients. The Chef’s Special Rolls provide unique flavour combinations, something we highly recommend trying. Our favourites are the Smoky Crunch Roll (prawn tempura and smoked salmon) and the Ume House Roll. The vegetarian options, particularly the Yam and the Shitake rolls, are also very popular.

Also worth mentioning are the non-sushi dishes. From the Spicy Chicken Karaage to the Buta Bowl, you can’t go wrong. This is the perfect, unassuming sushi restaurant that usually flies under the radar…shh!

7. Kasai Teppanyaki Steak & Sushi House

Kasai is one of Kelowna’s newest sushi restaurants, combining the two best food groups – steak and sushi! They opened their doors in 2020 and have quickly gained popularity. This Japanese steakhouse specializes in teppanyaki-style cuisine, something you can’t easily find anywhere else nearby. Our favourite dishes are the Black Tiger Prawn Teppan Yakisoba and the Filet Mignon Roll… *mouth waters*.

8. Aomi Sushi

Aomi Sushi is a traditional Japanese gem located in the heart of the Lower Mission. This restaurant has an extensive menu with a variety of tasty Japanese dishes available. Highlights include the Sunshine Roll, the Pandosy Roll and the Lakeshore Roll, all named after the local area surrounding this popular spot. With a budget-friendly price range and tasty food, there are many reasons why it’s loved by so many. Local tip, get your sushi to-go and enjoy it at a nearby beach!

9. Dozo House

Dozo House is home to an extensive and delicious menu that will satisfy any craving. Located in North Glenmore, this delicious sushi restaurant features tasty Bento Boxes that are perfect for those in search of a little variety. Our personal favourites here are the Sashimi Box, the Futomaki Roll, and their signature Fireman Roll. Whether you’re taking it to-go or enjoying it in their well-designed, Japanese-inspired dining room, you’ll be impressed with the friendly staff, warm atmosphere, and of course delicious food!

Time to Enjoy!

We hope that our guide has helped you find your new go-to sushi spot in Kelowna. By supporting these local restaurants, you can indulge in high-quality, authentic Japanese cuisine while also contributing to the community. Remember to leave a review or share your experience with friends and family to spread the word about these fantastic eateries.