The 5 Must-Try Brunch Spots in Kelowna

Aside from enviable weather, world-class wineries, and rolling mountains surrounding the city, Kelowna offers many brunch havens that are patiently waiting to be explored. Whether you are looking for decadent pastries, farm-to-table omelettes, or creative breakfast cocktails, there’s an option for you. Since not all brunches are created equally, we have singled out the five best brunch spots in Kelowna.

Best Themed Brunch – Krafty Kitchen + Bar 

brunch spots in kelowna

If you want an unforgettable throwback experience, Krafty Kitchen 90’s themed hip-hop brunch is your best bet. From their cleverly named dishes to their fluffy pancakes, this is a local favourite for good reason. Located on Lawrence Avenue, this chic restaurant has a long list of innovative American dishes made in-house from a rich blend of locally sourced ingredients. 

Krafty houses a small outdoor patio where you can enjoy your brunch under the warm Okanagan sun. The interior is a combination of sleek furniture and distinctive, on-brand decor designed to reflect their unique cuisine. The hip-hop music in the background will get you singing along – a touch that reinforces this cool ambiance.

Some of our favourite dishes here include Tupac, featuring smoked Kessler ham and eggs, the Will.I.Am – their spin on a vegan hollandaise sauce, and the Pop Lox and Drop it, a delicious salmon breakfast bowl. These dishes are best paired with a well-curated cocktail that is better tasted than spoken of. Ask a local about what the best brunch spot in Kelowna is, and there’s a good chance they say Krafty!

Best Homestyle Brunch – The Jammery 

Tucked in the busy surroundings of Highway 97, just four minutes north of the Kelowna Airport, The Jammery’s main location houses a restaurant, a busy production building and a gift shop. Their famous jams are made with local BC fruits, which you can watch them produce from the viewing window in the gift shop. This awe-inspiring restaurant has a dog-friendly patio with a spectacular view. The funky interior of this restaurant is flooded with natural light, giving it a convivial vibe, perfect for friend and family hangouts. Come for the food, but stay for the stellar service. This unique experience makes it one of the best brunch spots in Kelowna.

The Jammery’s menu is a fun mix of sweet and savoury homemade dishes designed to leave you wanting more. The Breakfast Paella is their most famous dish, and rightfully so. This Spanish-inspired brunch spin-off is a mix of lobster, crab, scallops and shrimp, all tossed in a pan and flavoured with tarragon butter, *mouth waters*. Other popular options are the Chorizo Toss, Besto Pesto, and the Bacon Cheeseburger Benny. On your way out, be sure to take a stroll through the gift shop and pick up a fresh jar of jam for the road!

The newly developed second location is on Highway 97 in Kelowna, and offers the same delicious brunch in a more convenient location.

Most Well-Known Brunch – Bohemian Cafe and Catering Co. 

Nestled in downtown Kelowna on Bernard Avenue, the Bohemian’s family-inspired home-cooked meals are the first sign that you are in good hands. Founded in 1991 and commonly known as “The Boh” by locals, this family-run business has successfully proven time and time again why they are an iconic Kelowna brunch location. 

The shaded outdoor patio of this brunch spot makes for a great spot on the main strip. The interior has suspended lights, a beautiful fireplace, and funky tables – all the perfect elements for a family hangout or brunch date. If you have a hankering for eggs, you will be impressed with their famous Bohemian Bennies and Boh Eggers. Another popular dish is their Huevos Rancheros, an addictive blend of refried beans and tortilla chips garnished with guacamole, fresh-cut salsa and sour cream. Then there’s the double-dipped French toast topped with berries, icing sugar, and maple syrup, perfect for those craving something extra sweet. Also worth the mention is their famous Strawberry Jam and bottomless locally brewed coffee.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be impressed with the large portions, bursting flavours, and all around welcoming atmosphere of this local brunch gem.

Best Brunch Cocktails – Diner Deluxe Kelowna

Diner Deluxe has become a sensation in the Kelowna brunch scene in a very short amount of time. Since 2020 this local hotspot has been captivating local foodies with its incredible food, inviting atmosphere, and simple yet attentive service. The sun-soaked outdoor patio is the perfect place to spend your morning while overlooking the famous Gyro Beach. The interior is a mix of mid-century modern combined with a beachy feel, perfect for a celebratory brunch or casual hangout with friends. 

Diner Deluxe’s menu is home to many temptations, even for the pickiest eater. Some of our favourite dishes include the Salmon Eggs Benedict, Morning Burger, and some sweeter dishes like the DD Pancakes and Stuffed French Toast. What really sets this place apart from the rest is the impressive cocktail menu. From the rotating seasonal drinks list to the “Luxe” cocktails like Cookies in a Jar and That One Time in Mexico, there’s something for every preference, all of which are the perfect pairing to your weekend brunch. Time for you to enjoy!

Best Chicken & Waffles – Sunny’s – A Modern Diner 

Located on Bernard Avenue, in the heart of downtown Kelowna, this chic, down-home restaurant has a fun brunch menu, and you can watch your meal come to life right in front of your eyes. Sunny’s has a beautiful outdoor patio just steps away from Okanagan Lake, a great spot right on the busy Bernard strip. The warm and inviting ambiance, coupled with the friendly staff and the 80’s music in the background, makes it a perfect place to start your day. Craving some classic diner food, but with a classy twist? Look no further than here – our fifth and final contender for the best brunch spots in Kelowna.

Featured in the Food Network Canada series Big Food Bucket List, this restaurant will remind you why they are a local favourite. Some popular dishes are the Chicks on a Raft and the Chicken Meets Waffle, a modern spin on a classic dish. The Big Dog Hash with pulled pork, griddled chorizo and hollandaise sauce is another popular choice, and best followed up with a Sunny’s Hair of the Dog Coffee!

Time to Feast!

Now that you’re in the know on the best brunch spots in Kelowna, it’s time for you to try ’em out! Fuel your day of Okanagan adventure the right way, and experience the best brunch that Kelowna has to offer. Bon Appetit!