Time to Hike

Located just a short distance east of Okanagan Falls, the Peach Cliff hike is a must-do when in the South Okanagan. Featuring expansive views from Vaseux Lake to Skaha Lake and the surrounding valley, this moderately challenging route is one of the most popular family friendly hikes in the area. You’ll notice Peach Cliff from the town of OK Falls – it is the obvious bump just east of town that will make you think “Wow, I bet the view from up there would be pretty nice!”. The hike is accessible year round, however more popular in the summer. During the winter, be sure to bring the proper tread as it may get icy on the steeper sections up top

The majority of the hike follows a relatively easy trail, but the path leading to the summit tower involves a steeper pitch. This section of the trail requires extra caution, and is made up of scree, smooth rock, and tall grass. If you are hiking with young children or inexperienced hikers, the upper part may be too challenging. Pets are allowed on the trail, but must be on leash.

Reaching the view at the top, you’ll be greeted with phenomenal views of the Okanagan valley. This is a great spot for a picnic, some rest, and of course pictures! As you make your way down the trail, be careful descending the steeper section. For less experienced hikers, hiking poles may be a good idea.

What makes this hike so unique is the nice surprise as you reach the top; the trailhead begins on the backside of the mountain, so hikers don’t see the view until coming over the crest at the summit – a rewarding experience after the climb!

What to Bring

No matter how far out of town a hike is, you should always be prepared. Be sure to pack water, snacks, a first aid kit, and the proper hiking attire. Be aware of the weather, and bring sun protection in the summer as this trail does not provide much shade.

Trail Signage

The trail is not well marked, but relatively straightforward. At some points along the main trail, you’ll notice other paths that veer off. To reach the summit in the most efficient way possible, stay on the main trail. All trails converge near the cattle gate overlooking Skaha Lake. Go through the gate then look left for the narrow trail leading up to the satellite tower.


From Okanagan Falls, follow 10th Avenue east. This road turns into McLean Road and wraps around the backside of Peach Cliff. Continue past Allendale Lake Road and park just before the next bend in the road. There is no designated parking lot, but a good chance you’ll see other cars parking alongside the side of the road. There is no signage, however the trailhead entry is obvious from the road.