The Leir House Cultural Center is home to the Penticton & District Community Arts Council (PDCAC), and has been managed by them since 1980. The historic, stone built building hosts a variety of workshops, art lessons, exhibitions, galleries, and more. This building is a catalyst for community connection and creativity, bringing people from all ages together to celebrate various forms of art and history. In addition to the PDCAC, the Leir House Cultural Center is also home to the Penticton Potter’ Guild, 7 Artists in Residence, and the Penticton Academy of Music.

The PDCAC was created in 1960 to foster a strong art community through flourishing and vibrant practices that are accessible for all. The council focuses on providing opportunities for local artists and community members to come together and celebrate various forms of art. On top of managing the Leir House, the group hosts art classes, programs, a wide variety of events, and art galleries. Check out the first floor Member’s gallery for art displays from local artists in the Okanagan. Around 8 – 10 times per year, the Leir House plays host to various art exhibitions meant to showcase emerging local & professional artists, as well as community groups. The various events held by PDCAC are meant to foster human connection – art is always better together.

Located towards the back of the Leir House is the Penticton Potters’ Guild, a group of pottery artists who come together to share a common love for the art. The Guild has approximately 30 members, and are always accepting newbies. Several times a year, the Guild hosts workshops and events to bring the community together. Whether you’re an experienced potter or someone brand new and looking to learn the craft, The Penticton Potters’ Guild is a great group to join.

The Seven Artists in Residence Program is designed for new and emerging artists to develop their skills in a creative and positive environment. Catering to creative practices of all sorts, these artists use the space to create a body of work that may be presented to the public on display.

When you enter the Leir House, there’s a good chance you’ll hear the lovely sounds of a piano, violins, and various other instruments. Follow the sound up the stairs to the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (PADMA), a non-profit organization formed in 1994 to provide accessible music education to people of all ages. PADMA fosters an environment of outstanding musical education and excellence to enrich the arts community as a whole. Head to their website for information on lessons and upcoming performances.