Real Pizza, Real People, Real Food

Real Things Pizza is the go-to place in Naramata for all your pizza cravings. Priding themselves on the name, this is the type of place you wish you had in your hometown. Quality is the highest priority at Real Things, something you’ll be able to notice upon first bite. Since opening in 1997, this family run pizza haven has been focused on real food, real community, and a real connection to one another. Handmade dough, unique toppings, and locally sourced ingredients are just a few of the reasons Real Things is so well known in the South Okanagan.

Something extra special and unique about this pizza joint is the employees. Real Things puts an emphasis on hiring local Naramata teens to get them in the workforce and learn the rite of passion for making dough and slingin’ sauce. Just like out of a movie, you’ll have a high schooler deliver your order to your door….or the beach!


There’s a very high chance that the pizza topping combinations at Real Things are one-of-a-kind. Traindock Loaded, Rocky 1, 2, # 3, and Rob’s Mistake are just a few of the pizzas that will have you both curious and hungry. You will not be disappointed by the delicious crust, hearty toppings, and unique flavour combinations, whatever pie you choose.

Not only do they offer delicious pizzas, but a variety of other appetizers and finger food to feast on. Calamari, Jalapeno Poppers, Cheese Sticks, Spring Rolls are just a few of the fine sides to pair with your pie. Do these foods remind you of a Superbowl party? Us too, but better.

Deals? Yes. With every pizza you order, receive one “Pizza Buck” to be used on your next order. Save a few up over time, and you’ll be able to get a delicious pie for free! If you’re feeding a large family, take advantage of the Two Large Deal for any two large pizzas for just $40.


Real Things is located in the heart of Naramata. Whether you’re stopping by to pick a pie up or getting it delivered to your house, the service is fast and friendly. Planning a casual date? Order it to the beach and watch the sunset while you feast on a locally sourced, handmade pizza.