Happy House Chinese Restaurant is one of Summerland’s best places to get your Chinese food fix. The locally owned restaurant has been proudly serving traditional and Western Chinese food for years.

Located on Main street downtown Summerland, Happy House has recently changed its services to take-out only, allowing you to enjoy your favourite Chinese food on the beach, at a park, or in the comfort of your own home. The friendly staff and fast service make the ordering experience easy. Many of the reviews mention the polite service, large portions, and fair prices.

The menu features a wide variety of Western Chinese food. Whether you’re craving a hearty WonTon Soup, Fried Rice, or Chow Mein, you’ll be impressed with both the quantity and taste. Don’t feel like cooking for the whole family? Our personal favourite is the Prawn & Veggie Noodle Soup – a perfect combination of salty broth, marinated prawns, and delicious vegetables. Take advantage of their special group deals. With options from Dinner for 2, to Dinner for 8, each option contains a wide selection of meats, vegetables, and noodles for everyone to enjoy.

Open for lunch 5 days a week and dinner 7 days a week, Happy House Chinese is always a good choice.