A Coffee Lover’s Dream

Bright Jenny is one of the most well known coffee shops in Kelowna. With humble beginnings of small batch coffee roasting in a backyard shed, the Bright Jenny story started in 2015. As their coffee gained popularity, their mobile coffee trailer became the talk of the town. Serving coffee twice a week at the Kelowna Farmer’s Market allowed them to grow even more. 2017 saw the first rendition of a storefront on the outskirts of downtown Kelowna, and Bright Jenny has not slowed down.

With a roastery and cafe located in the north end of downtown, Bright Jenny uses state of the art roasters to produce typically light and bright coffee which the locals rave about. What makes this coffee shop unique is the people that run it. Kindness and inclusivity are imperative to Bright Jenny’s culture – it is important that everyone who walks into the cafe feels safe and included, and people from every walk of life are encouraged to spend time here.


Bright Jenny sources the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. South America and Africa are the common continents featured in their finely roasted batches. Whatever style of coffee you’re craving, Bright Jenny will have it. Whether it’s a classic cappuccio, a flavoured iced latte, or something as simple as their freshly brewed drip, you’ll be impressed.

Our personal favorite are the pour over options. For those slow, relaxing mornings, try one of their delicious blends served black for the best taste. We recommend the Worka Chelbessa – a fine Ethiopian Blend with notes of payapa and stone fruit. Meant to sip slowly and experience the full taste, these pour over options are some of the best in the city.

The food menu features a variety of unique, hearty, and healthy options. People rave about the Roasted Beet Sammich, made with beet hummus, avocado, carrots, pickled onions, and sprouts in between fresh marble rye. For a modern classic, try their Avocado Toast topped with pickled onions, yum! You’ll also find a variety of baked goods that pair perfectly with your drink – a croissant dipped in latte foam is something we dream about often!

Cafe Atmosphere

Perhaps the coolest layout of any coffee shop we’ve been to, Bright Jenny has a ton of space for people to enjoy. As you enter the doors, you are greeted by a kind, welcoming barista who’s busy whipping up delicious drinks. The bright space, good music, and happy atmosphere are obvious right away. Sit down at a table inside this nook, or head to the back patio for a large selection of seating under the warm sun. Further back, there is a large, open concept room filled with funky couches, tables, and chairs. This two-story seating area is perfect for working, having meetings, or just relaxing with a cup of joe. The space, plus the tasty coffee works in harmony to provide a bright, positive, and relaxing cafe environment.


Sitting in the north end of downtown, Bright Jenny is conveniently located within a 3 minute drive from the heart of the city. Close to the base of Knox Mountain, it’s the perfect stop for a pre or post hike coffee, something that is very common on weekends. There is plenty of parking out front which is a bonus of not being directly on the main downtown strip.


If you want to bring Bright Jenny home with you, purchase something from their variety of goodies: bags of coffee beans, brew gear, and cool merch. A popular way to ensure you will always have the best coffee at home is through their subscription packages, where you can receive weekly or monthly orders of your favourite batches!