The Top Accounting Firms in Kelowna

Welcome to this handy guide that covers the top accounting firms in Kelowna. Whether you’re a small business owner in need of expert financial advice or an individual in need of reliable tax assistance, our curated list will be sure to point you in the right direction.

Kochhar & Co. Kelowna Accountants

Kochhar & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants is a reputable accounting firm specializing in small business accounting, bookkeeping, corporate tax accounting, personal tax returns, estate planning, and a variety of other services. Established in 2011 by Biki Kochhar, a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant, the firm began with humble beginnings, operating out of a small office with only one staff member. Over the years, Kochhar & Co. has flourished, expanding its team to eight professionals, including two additional full-time CPAs, who collectively possess over 30 years of combined experience in accounting and tax.

What sets Kochhar & Co. apart is their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional personalized service to their clients. Specializing in owner-managed corporations in the Okanagan Valley, the firm has established offices in both downtown Kelowna and Penticton. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses, Kochhar & Co. serves as trusted mentors to their clients, offering invaluable advice to help them navigate the complexities of running and expanding their businesses. Clients can rely on Kochhar & Co. for their expertise in accounting and tax matters and the guidance and support needed to achieve long-term success.

Creekside Accounting Ltd.

Creekside Accounting Ltd. is a reputable Kelowna-based Chartered Professional Accounting firm specializing in assisting small businesses, subcontractors, and self-employed individuals. With a client-centered approach, Creekside Accounting offers comprehensive accounting, taxation, mentorship, and bookkeeping services all under one roof. They aim to free up their clients’ time, reduce stress, and improve their financial health, allowing them to focus on what matters most to them.

By providing personalized recommendations and mentorship, Creekside Accounting keeps clients on the right track, helping them thrive in their business endeavors. Their dedicated team genuinely cares about the success of small businesses in Kelowna, offering services that are tailored to their specific needs. From small business and self-employed accounting to corporate tax services, financial statements, personal taxation, and bookkeeping, Creekside Accounting is the trusted partner that guides clients through the complexities of financial management, allowing you to achieve their goals with confidence.

KH Kelowna Chartered Professional Accountants Ltd. 

KH Kelowna Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. is a proud member of the Kemp Harvey Group. This esteemed firm offers a comprehensive range of services, including accounting, auditing, tax planning, and personal financial planning.

The KH Kelowna group is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving landscape of taxation and regulations. Through continuous professional development courses, they ensure their knowledge remains current regarding Income Tax, Goods and Service Tax, Employment Insurance, Employment Standards, and other governmental acts and regulations. 

With a broad background of experience spanning numerous industries, the team at KH Kelowna is well-equipped to provide invaluable one-on-one business consulting services. Whether clients require guidance on financial matters, strategic planning, or operational improvements, the experts at KH Kelowna are available to offer personalized insights and solutions tailored to your every need. By leveraging its extensive expertise, KH Kelowna empowers businesses of all kinds to thrive and achieve their goals.

Crowe MacKay LLP

Crowe MacKay Kelowna, as part of the Crowe MacKay accounting firm, has been a trusted supporter of individuals and businesses for over 50 years. Their commitment to delivering exceptional personal and business accounting services and financial solutions makes them a crucial partner in their clients’ financial success in the Kelowna area and beyond.

As dedicated advisors, Crowe MacKay understands the unique challenges that individuals and businesses face, and they are there to guide clients through their accounting needs. Building strong relationships with their clients is a priority, and they provide friendly and personalized support every step of the way. Whether clients require assistance with business finances or personal accounting matters, Crowe MacKay ensures they have all the necessary information and ongoing assistance to make informed financial decisions.

With their extensive financial knowledge and expertise, the team at Crowe MacKay is equipped to handle the diverse accounting needs of various businesses and individuals. They prioritize building lasting relationships within the community and are committed to providing personalized support to their clients.


MNP combines the strength of national resources with a deep understanding of the local business landscape, positioning itself as a valuable partner in one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most innovative communities. With a dedicated team, they specialize in serving the economically significant industries of the Okanagan region, including real estate and construction, food and beverage, forestry, agriculture, and technology.

As an entrepreneurial firm designed to support fellow entrepreneurs, MNP is committed to the success of its clients at every stage of their business. With a comprehensive range of services that include assurance & accounting, consulting, bookkeeping, cloud accounting, tax services, and insolvency solutions, MNP offers the necessary expertise to support your businesses at every step of the way. MNP aims to be a trusted advisor and reliable partner, providing tailored services that meet each client’s unique needs. With their local perspective and robust resources, they are well-equipped to help businesses thrive in this vibrant and dynamic community.