The Best IPAs in Kelowna

Join us, as we embark on a hoppy journey through the vibrant beer scene of Kelowna. Though most well-known for the abundance of world-class wineries scattered throughout, this Central Okanagan city has emerged as a haven for beer enthusiasts over the past few years. With over 15 established breweries in the city, there’s no shortage of high-quality beer to taste. These top-notch brewers each offer a unique twist on the iconic Indian Pale Ale. From citrusy aromas to piney undertones, we’re here to dive into the best IPAs that Kelowna has to offer. 

Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur IPA – BNA Brewing Co.

This is a staple in BNA’s draught list. Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur IPA is one that strikes the perfect balance. With enticing fruit aromas and a gentle citrus bitterness, it delivers a sophisticated flavour without overwhelming your palate. This is one of the many delicious beers on tap at BNA and one that we highly recommend trying if you fancy IPAs. 

Hazy IPA – Rustic Reel Co.

Rustic Reel’s Hazy IPA stands out with its remarkable attributes. Boasting a silky-smooth body, this IPA offers a unique textural appeal that’s sure to please. What sets it apart is its low bitterness, making it effortlessly enjoyable and perfect for those seeking a sessionable brew. Whether you’re a seasoned IPA enthusiast or new to the craft beer scene, this IPA delivers a satisfying and approachable flavour.

Wakesetter IPA – Shoreline Brewing Co. 

A beer best enjoyed while cruising the waters of Okanagan Lake, the Wakesetter IPA is a hop-forward North West IPA that boldly showcases tropical, citrus, and pine notes. This brew takes your taste buds on a journey through the Pacific Northwest with its vibrant flavours and dry finish. This is a must-try for those seeking a bold and flavourful adventure in every sip and tastes even better while sitting lakeside on Shoreline’s stunning outdoor patio. 

Headturner Hazy IPA – Barn Owl Brewing

Barn Owl’s Headturner is a hazy delight that’s sure to captivate your senses. This brew boasts a collage of dry hops, infusing the air with the smell of hoppy fields. Its gentle yet distinctive bitterness is bound to make your head turn. Embrace the intrigue and savour the moment with this remarkable brew – a true testament to Barn Owl’s craft.

Antipsipation IPA – Red Bird Brewing

We’d be remiss not to mention one of the most popular IPAs in Kelowna, and Red Bird’s top seller. This traditional West Coast IPA boasts a harmonious malt and hop-forward profile, delivering invigorating citrus and grapefruit notes. The enticing aroma and robust taste make every sip a journey worth savouring. Discover the perfect balance of taste and aroma in the Antipsipation IPA, a testament to Red Bird’s commitment to crafting exceptional brews.