About the Winery

Summerhill Pyramid Winery is Canada’s largest organic winery and premier producer of sparkling wine. Located along the scenic Chute Lake road, overlooking Okanagan Lake and much of Kelowna, you’ll quickly learn why this is one of the most unique and sought after winery experiences in the Okanagan.

Summerhill’s foundation is built off seven pillars: Gratitude, People, Planet, Passion, Abundance, Pioneership, and Love. It’s these principles that influence how they produce their wine, do business, and interact with the world. The overall goal of Summerhill is to provide the best experience possible for both visitors of the winery and the land in which they inhabit. Organic & biodynamic practices play a major role in Summerhill’s operations. Avoiding the use of synthetics in the vineyards allow for natural flora, insects, and healthy soil to interact with each other, ensuring the highest quality of grapes are grown. This winery has been a part of the organic certification program since 1988, and has been leading the way with ecologically conscious practices since then.

1986 saw the opening of Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Now being the most visited winery in Canada, the property itself holds a lot of history, and one-of-a-kind architecture. The Mallam House and Makwala Kekuli are historically significant structures that represent both the original habitants of the land, and the European settlers. These buildings are Canada’s only exhibit of first contact between the Original Peoples and the first European settlers.

The infamous pyramid that graces the property mimics The Great Pyramid of Egypt, to its best abilities. The Great Pyramid is a fascination that modern technology cannot explain or replicate, so why a pyramid at this Okanagan winery? Well, to create tastes and textures in the wine that cannot be matched. Owner Stepehn Cipes built the pyramid to influence the effect on the wine aging process. Like many other foods and objects that have been improved through pyramid aging, Summerhill’s award winning wine is a direct result of this theory. Learn more about this unique aging process and take a tour of the pyramid on your next visit!

Summerhill’s wine selection is extensive. From the light and refreshing Organic Rosé to the Estate Grown Biodynamic Pinot Noir, there’s something to satisfy anyone’s preference. Sparkling wine has become a major focus for Summerhill. Winning many awards along the way, the sparkling wine is approachable, balanced, and delicate thanks to its unique aging process and high quality grapes.

Tastings & Tours

A visit to Summerhill is a memorable experience. Enjoy tasting a variety of award winning wines while learning about the growing, production, and aging processes. No reservation is necessary and unlike many other wineries, the tastings are free! If you’re looking for a more extensive tasting, take part in the Sensory Sit Down Tasting, a $50 experience that pairs top-tier wines with innovative, organic small plate dishes.

Of course, you’ll want to get a tour of the infamous pyramid. The individual pyramid visit is free, but for a more in depth look, take the Pyramid Experience Tour for $20 – something we think is definitely worth the money. Another popular, and free tour is of the historic Mallam House and Makwala Kekuli. No reservations are required and tours of up to ten people are permitted.


The Bistro at Summerhill is a dining experience that highlights the best of the Okanagan Valley. Fresh, local, organic ingredients make up the innovative dishes of the Bistro. Meant to celebrate the connection between people, wine, and good cuisine, the space boasts incredible views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding area. Enjoy a meal in the comfortable, modern dining room or take advantage of the year-round patio. Thursday Night Fondue, Sunday Night Roast, and Jack Frost High Tea on weekends – does it get any better?


There’s a significant chance that once you arrive, you won’t want to leave. Located on the organic vineyard is a gorgeous California inspired private home, waiting to be rented by you. Immerse yourself amongst the luscious vineyards, enjoy the endless views of the Okanagan Valley, and get the full wine country experience. The house itself has 8 bedrooms, private and shared bathrooms, a fully stocked kitchen, living room, a formal dining room, and a relaxing outdoor pool & hot tub. Perfect for groups of all sizes, this is an ideal place to base your Okanagan adventure from.


Summerhill was designed with the guest experience in mind. As a lovely place for weddings and celebrations, the property is home to an idyllic ceremony site and a large banquet room.

Each solstice and equinox marks the gathering of the community at Summerhill. A guided meditation in the Summerhill Pyramid, a vegetarian potluck dinner, and drumming & dancing around the sacred fire in the Kekuli celebrate the connection between each other, the earth, and everything in between.