About the Beach

Manitou Park & Beach, located in beautiful Naramata, is a favorite for both locals and tourists. Boasting a white sandy beach, large shade trees, and all the proper facilities, it’s a perfect place to spend a hot summer day. In Naramata, nothing is too far; Manitou park sits on the corner of the quaint downtown, allowing beachgoers to have easy access to shops, cafes, and restaurants. Take advantage of the stunning views, warm water, and low crowds this beach tends to attract!


However you like to spend your time at the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy it here. One of the main attractions at Manitou is the fact that it’s rarely overpopulated, making it a great spot to relax and enjoy the sun. In 2021, the park received a brand new washroom building. This includes separate change rooms, an outdoor shower, and a water fountain.

The large grassy field is perfect for those looking to throw a frisbee, and the nearby volleyball court is always well maintained. There is also a baseball field that often hosts some friendly bouts. There are two playgrounds for the kiddos to run wild, as well as a small slide into the water. Swimming here is as good as it gets – the soft sand and shallow bottom make it easy to wade in and splash around. To top it off, the floating docks act as the perfect sunbathing spot after cooling off in the water. The park also features a handful of picnic tables, making it an ideal lakefront picnic spot.

Dgs are permitted here, but must be on leash and stay on the grassy area. Unfortunately no swimming for your pup here!

Location & Directions

Accessing this Naramata gem is simple. Sitting directly beside the Naramata Marina, there are plenty of parking spots to choose from, and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a spot. To get here, follow Naramata Road until you reach Robinson Avenue where you will take a left toward the town center. When you reach the town, go left on 4th Street and follow it until you reach the Manitou Beach Park and Naramata Marina. Be mindful that the parking lot is a one-way loop.