About the Marina

Are you ready for an adventure on Okanagan Lake? Look no further than Kelowna Downtown Marina, located right in the heart of the city. The marina offers a wide variety of boat rental options, including wake boats, pontoons, jet skis, paddleboards, and more. The marina constantly updated its fleet to ensure customers have access to the latest and greatest boats available. There’s no better way to experience a summer day in the Okanagan than on the water, so come check it out for yourself!

Boat Rentals

Explore Okanagan Lake in style with a wide selection of boat rentals to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a high-end MasterCraft, a Chaparral bowrider, or something more low-key like a kayak or paddleboard, customers have access to a variety of options that suit all types of boaters. With affordable prices and a wide range of boats to choose from, the Downtown Marina is the perfect choice for all your next boating adventure.

Wakesurf + Wakeboard Boats

These are the most high end boats available for rent. Seating up to 16 people, they’re ideal for those looking to use the large wake for surfing and wakeboarding.


With boat options from 7 seaters to 16 seaters, this is the widest selection. Bowriders incorporate the perfect mix of comfort and performance, making them versatile for both cruising and watersports.


These boats are designed for pure comfort, relaxation, and cruising. With seating options from 7 to 16 people, these boats are ideal for large groups and families looking to explore the lake at slower speeds.

Jet Skis

For the adrenaline junkies, we recommend the jet skis. With a capacity for 2 people, this is the most exhilarating way to enjoy the lake. Simple controls and lots of speed – you’ll have a hoot.

Kayaks & Paddleboards

Enjoy the versatility by renting a SUP or kayak. These rentals are ideal for those looking for exercise while exploring various parts of Okanagan Lake.


Rental prices depending on the type of boat, time of day, and rental duration. For example, the cheapest option for a motorized boat is to rent a ski boat in the morning. However, the warmest hours of the day are the best and most popular time to be on the water. Wake Boat rentals are a minimum of 2 hours, with prices ranging from $629 to $659 for 2 hours. Jet ski rentals have a minimum of 1 hour and start at $129 per hour. Paddleboards and kayaks also have a minimum of 1 hour, with prices ranging from $25 to $30 per hour. Please note that taxes and fuel costs are not included in these prices, so make sure to factor those in when considering your rental options.

Temporary License

One of the most frequently asked questions, “Is a boater’s license required to rent a boat from Kelowna Downtown Marina?” The answer is no, but the rental process includes comprehensive boating instruction to ensure you have the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate the boat. Given that the lake can get very busy at times, this instruction is essential and important.

Fuel Dock, Retail, Moorage

On top of offering a wide selection of rentals, the Downtown Marina also features a public gas dock where all boaters can come to fuel. The dock also features a small retail space where you can buy all the boating essentials like sunscreen, towels, bathing suits, snacks, and ice cold drinks.

One of the best features here is the public boat moorage. Similar to public parking, there is an hourly rate for moorage. The central location makes it an ideal spot to tie up for a few hours to explore downtown, grab a bite to eat, or pick up friends!