About Hot Sands

Located in the heart of downtown is Kelowna’s most popular summer hang out spot, Hot Sands Beach. Being a key part of City Park, this is one of the first sights you’ll see as you drive into the city from West Kelowna. A long, sandy beach, clear water, shade trees, a walking path, and sports courts are just a few of the many amenities this beach has to offer. Hot Sands Beach radiates Kelowna’s beach culture. You’ll see people of all ages flocking here to enjoy the hot summer sunshine and relaxing or playing the day away. There are few beaches in the Okanagan as well known as Hot Sands, and for good reason. During your next trip to Kelowna, this should be at the top of your list.


No matter how you like to spend your beach day, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to do it here. All within City Park you’ll find the beautiful Hot Sands Beach, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, a soccer field, playgrounds, and a skatepark that attract the active crowds to play in this idyllic location. If you’re bringing the children, be sure to check out Splash BC’s floating jungle gym located just steps from the beach – this will be sure to tire them out while you enjoy some well deserved R&R on the sand. Swimming here is as good as it gets. The shallow waters close to shore are complimented by a soft sand bottom. The area is outlined by swimming buoys, and many people opt to bring a floaty to relax in the water.

With every amenity you’d want, Hot Sands is a perfect place to spend the day. Washrooms, showers, picnic tables, benches, and nearby restaurants mean nothing is too far from the comfort of your beach chair. Let the kids run free on the playground and splash park, and treat them to the nearby Parlor Ice Cream Shop just across the park! Dos are not permitted on the beach, however there is a dog beach at the north end of City Park, about 300 meters north of Hot Sands Beach.

Being the hotspot that it is, parking can sometimes be difficult. There is a large paid parking lot at City Park, but you’ll be surprised with how quickly it fills up. If you plan to spend the day here, arrive early to ensure you get a stall. Other parking options are on the side streets of downtown, but that requires a much farther walk than the parking lot.


Due to its popularity and perfect location, Hot Sands Beach and the surrounding City Park is often home to various events. Food vendors often frequent the area in the summertime, meaning you don’t need to go far to find your favourite beach snack. For more selection of food and shops, the beach is a five minute walk from the lively Bernard strip – here you’ll find a wide selection of restraurants, cafes, and shops. The beach is also a popular rest point for walkers, runners, and bikers along the beachfront boardwalk. This path takes you from the north end of downtown all the way to Rotary Beach in the Lower Mission. With many scenic stops along the way, this is also something we recommend doing.

Hot Sands Beach sits directly beside the William Bennett Bridge that connects Kelowna to West Kelowna. As a local tip, we recommend setting up your beach camp towards the northern side of the beach in order to avoid traffic noise.

Whether you are stopping by for a quick swim or plan to spend the entire afternoon here, Hot Sands Beach is a great option. With every amenity you need, endless opportunity for activity, and a prime location, you’ll quickly see why it has become one of the most popular Okanagan beaches. So pack your bags, lather on that sunscreen, and check it out for yourself!