About CC Orchards

CC Orchards is home to one of Naramata’s top cherry orchards. Nestled into the rolling hills of the Naramata Bench, the property features expansive views of the Okanagan, a lovely AirBNB, and endless rows of delicious cherry trees. The orchard has been producing cherries for over 50 years, and they invite you to come experience the Okanagan farming culture by picking your own cherries and learning about the growing and harvesting process. This family friendly activity is a must when visiting Naramata.

The farming philosophy is simple here at CC Orchards; reduce the use of chemicals as much as possible, protect the environment and minimize soil erosion, reuse materials and resources, and carefully harvest and prepare the cherries to maintain the highest quality. Supporting locally is extremely important in Naramata, and this orchard is a perfect example. Have the confidence of knowing where your food comes from. This way, you’ll be able to learn when & how it was grown, and why it tastes so darn great!

Whether you’re stopping by to pick up some cherry products or looking to harvest the cherries yourself, you’ll be impressed by the welcoming staff, the gorgeous property, and of course the delicious cherries. The scenic property is perfect for those looking to enjoy a picnic, read a book, take outdoor photos, and host receptions.

Cherry Picking & Products

Our personal favourite reason to visit is of course, for the cherry picking. Bring the whole family along to grab a bucket and get your hands dirty by harvesting a batch of delicious organic cherries. During the fun, you’ll be able to learn about the growing and picking process. Learn how temperature, time of year, and soil health affect the growth of these popular fruits – something you can’t normally do with your average bag of cherries from the grocery store.

Be sure to check out the unique cherry products offered here too. Dried Cherries, Cherry Juice, Preserves, Cherry Soap, Cherry Shampoo, Cherry Vinegar, Hard goods, and Custom Gift Baskets are all available here. And yes you read that right…. Cherry Shampoo!


The top level of the Cherry Barn has been converted into a cozy AirBNB that sleeps up to 10 people. WIth incredible views, luxurious amenities, and endless activities nearby, this is an ideal place to spend your South Okanagan adventure. Stroll the orchards, visit the private waterfall, and enjoy the serene ambiance of this fairytale property.