About the Winery

Blind Tiger Vineyards is a nod to the prohibition era when establishments that served alcohol were hidden from view, known as “blind tigers.” These speakeasies were a symbol of rebellion against the strict laws of the time and were often the only place where one could find a drink. Similarly, Blind Tiger stands out for its commitment to producing high-quality organic wines that are true to their terroir and the traditions of Okanagan winemaking. Come and taste the difference at Blind Tiger Vineyards and pair it with a delicious pizza from the onsite Marno’s Wood Fired Pizza!


Recognizing the forbidding era, Blind Tiger offers a selection of organic wines that harken back to a simpler time. The winery’s white wine selection, including popular varietals such as Pinot Gris, Chardonnay. The Blind Blend and Giggle Blanc are a nod to the illicit drinks served during the prohibition. Each of these wines is crafted with a focus on balance and complexity, using traditional winemaking techniques, to showcase the unique characteristics of the grape variety. The winery also offers a range of red wines, including Pinot Noirs, Rich Blends, Merlots, and Ice Wine, and more. These wines are aged in oak barrels to impart rich and complex flavor profiles, reminiscent of the hidden speakeasies of the past.

Tasting & Pizza

Come enjoy the many tastes that are featured in each organic wine. The rustic style tasting room and friendly staff make this a special experience. Learn about the wine making process, the growing conditions required for each grape variety, and the inspiration behind the winery’s unique theme.

Marno’s Woodfire Pizza is a must. Savor the mouth-watering flavors of Neapolitan-style handcrafted pizzas, cooked over an open flame to perfection. Imagine biting into the perfectly charred crust, the melted cheese, and the fresh toppings, all while taking in the breathtaking views of the Okanagan. Pair it with a Blind Tiger bottle and you’re getting the full experience!